Quizlet Ambassador

I am now officially a Quizlet Ambassador.

I love Quizlet. As a teacher whose students sit in front of computers, I have always been looking for interactive teaching episodes for them, and in particular, an alternative to the dreaded “Card Sort“. I found Quizlet during my Teacher Training about three years ago. I’ve been using it ever since. quizlet-ambassador

Quizlet is an online resource whose time has come. My school, like so many schools do today, values recall practice and self-quizzing: two of the techniques in Barak Rosenshine’s “Principles of Instruction“. To help the students to recall important terms and facts, and later use these to discuss subject knowledge, among many other tools we can use Quizlet.

I have so far made 56 Study Sets, each one a set of pairs, each pair a Term and Definition. With this simple effort, the students now have the ability to self-quiz all the subject topics, in seven different ways, in class or at home. The activities they can do with my study sets are:

  • Flashcards: Just like a teacher, the definition appears, you must guess the term. Click to reveal the answer.
  • Learn: The computer delivers questions based on the study set, using terms from different definitions. The learner must answer the multiple choice question.
  • Write. The flashcard definitions are displayed as questions. You must write the answer. Great for literacy.
  • Spell. No questions, just the definition displayed, and the spoken answer. (Yes, Quizlet supports text-to-speech). All you have to do is spell it correctly.
  • Test. This is Epic. It makes a random test out of the study set, including some Multiple Choice, True/False, Matching and Written answer questions. Of course you can print this and set it as a test, or your students can generate and self-test their own quizzes.
  • Match. This is the one they all like to play as a starter. It replaces a printed card sort. The learners have to match the terms to their definition by dragging and dropping.
  • Gravity is a video-game style test, where the learner has to type the answer quickly before the meteors hit the planet! Very exciting, if a little awkward (it’s tough to type “Fetch-Decode-Execute” before your planet gets blown up :/ )

I have created study sets for most of the content I now teach. It’s all publicly available at . You are welcome to play and copy.

I have not mentioned yet, the joy of Quizlet Live. You may be familiar with Kahoot or many other whole-class live quizzing services. My students love Quizlet Live which is won by the team who has learnt the terms in the study set well enough. They now ask for it, and I have given in to “Quizlet Live Friday” in the past. If you play it a few times, I’m sure you will too.

Message me here or on Twitter at @tech_magpie if you have questions.


By mraharrisoncs

Freelance consultant, teacher and author, professional development lead for the NCCE, CAS Master Teacher, Computer Science lecturer.

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