The sum of things to be known is inexhaustible

As Head of Department I usually send a weekly update email to the team on a Sunday evening covering the things they need to know e.g. what’s on the teaching plan, deadlines and meetings. NB I have no expectation that this should be read at the weekend, it just suits me to do it then. I am starting each update with a thought or inspiration. I may occasionally blog them. Here is today’s:

Recently I have been getting into poetry, and I can recommend an audio book called The Poet’s Corner by John Lithgow (The 3rd Rock actor). It’s a fab introduction to poetry and really inspirational. A.E. Housman, author of “A Shropshire Lad” which beautifully captured the pain of growing up, gave a speech on taking up his post as Professor at UCL: “The sum of things to be known is inexhaustible, and however long we read, we shall never come to the end of our story-book.” I’ve put this on a poster in my room as I think it sums up my joy of life-long learning. Find it on Canva here.


By mraharrisoncs

Freelance consultant, teacher and author, professional development lead for the NCCE, CAS Master Teacher, Computer Science lecturer.

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