Escape the Room – updated

I’ve fixed an error in my Escape the Room activity. I ran this when school was fully open and hopefully will run it again one day. Meantime, you might consider using the clues only, without the locked box, and give a prize for the most solved.

Powerpoint here: Escape_the_Classroom_Resources – WHGS vx

More files here on my Onedrive including the Morse code wav file and an editable “bitmap” spreadsheet.

Original post follows from 2019.

Big thanks go to Claire Wicher (@GirlGeekUpNorth) for her resource which gave me a starting point, and I’ve kept in a lot of her content. Claire’s lesson was intended to fit into a standard 50-60 minute lesson, with preamble and review, hence it was too short for my purposes. This one should take 1-2 hours depending on ability and how much help you give them.

The slides are largely self-explanatory. If you open the Powerpoint you will find #escapeinstructions and an inventory of parts. The objective is to open a chest by solving puzzles which reveal combinations for the six locks. There’s a twist at the end though, just for laughs and that extra feeling of achievement.

I’ll post photos of the actual kit next week, and watch my school Twitter account for photos and videos of the students in action. Below is the download link for the Powerpoint file.


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