HTTCS on tour!

I’ve been a bit busy lately, hence the lack of tweets. I recorded a series of YouTube videos with Craig ‘n’ Dave over the summer, the first of which is here. I then recorded the Learning Dust podcast with Andy Colley and Dave Leonard which will soon appear here.

“Unscripted” with Craig’n’Dave.

And just now I recorded a “CAS Inspire” podcast with Beverly Clark which will soon appear here.

Also I have been busy with Edtech demonstrator work, delivering free training to schools via the United Learning Edtech Programme. If you need any help with Edtech: I can help as an official Edtech demonstrator, or with Computing: I can help as a CAS Master Teacher. Just reach out on Twitter @MrAHarrisonCS.


By mraharrisoncs

Freelance consultant, teacher and author, professional development lead for the NCCE, CAS Master Teacher, Computer Science lecturer.

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