Knowledge Organisers for Computer Science 9-1 (Edexcel)

I’ve created these to go with the Edexcel GCSE Computer Science course, but they can be adapted to fit other board’s material easily. The Edexcel Pseudocode is very different to OCR/AQA as it is based on Haggis, but otherwise it should be easy to “port”.

Hat tip to Chris Whitworth, whose KOs (available free on TES) I used as a basis for these, so much of the work is his, thanks Chris. I’ve rearranged, changed a few things and added lots of images, but the commentary section is still his.

I’ve included samples of Python, so if you use another language that’s another thing to change. Anyway I hope it is useful. Feedback welcome in the comments or on my Twitter.

Sorry WordPress doesn’t support zip files, so I’ll upload to CAS soon as a zip.

The Quizlet resources referred to are also available for free on my Quizlet account here.









By mraharrisoncs

Freelance consultant, teacher and author, professional development lead for the NCCE, CAS Master Teacher, Computer Science lecturer.

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